Fat free crisps!


Well folks a wee bit of a different post today. Something quick and easy to wet your taste buds for healthy snacking this year. Now I have to admit one of my main vices is crisps or “chips” for all you lovely Americans out there. Seriously I cant get enough of them but we all know how bad they are in terms of your health. Therefore I am all up for low cal and fat free versions to quench that urge to buy a massive pack of Doritos! I have found a few shop bought low cal options that are absolutely brilliant and packed full of flavor (blog post on this coming soon). However as I am all about experimenting I have chosen to try and make some myself.


I got this wee nifty device pictured above as a Christmas present. I was a little skeptical but it actually does make very easy fat free crisps. It takes no time at all and because you choose the flavor the options are endless!

I used  a potato to make these crisps but you can use whatever vegetable/fruit that you would like. I am really looking forward to trying this out with carrots, sweet potatoes and apples.

Method (with pictures)

  • Wash and peel one large potato and then cut in half.
  • Place on the slicing grid and secure the handle to the top of the potato. (Be extremely careful the slicer is incredibly sharp).


  • Move the potato across the grid in a back and forth motion creating thin slices.
  • Once you think you have enough dry the slices off with a paper towel.
  • Arrange the slices on the microwaveable disc spacing them evenly apart.
  • The instructions with this product say to season your crisps after they come out of the microwave but I have found it is much better to do this beforehand.
  • I have tried seasoning with rock salt,black pepper,paprika and onion salt. So far paprika has been my favorite but the options are endless and I intend to try many more flavors!
  • Based on a 750w microwave cook the crisps for four minutes.
  • When your microwave pings take your crisps out and enjoy!

This is one that I would love your feedback on. Whether you try it yourself or if you have any flavor suggestions you would like me to try out please get in touch!

You can reach me Via twitter @leavethelettuce or my email is leavethelettuceblog@gmail.com. I can’t wait to hear from you!



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