Happy New Year!!


Hi Guys!

Just a wee post to say Happy New year and I hope you all had a lovely Christmas holiday! I most certainly over indulged on all the extra food and drink this season. Never mind finishing off the odd selection box and Terry’s chocolate orange.

I’d like to announce the blog will be back in full force this month. Not only did I get a load of exciting cookery gadgets for Christmas but I have also been collecting a lot more healthy recipe ideas. Perfect for those of us looking to use the ‘New year, new me’ Cliche!

I’m also on a bit of a personal mission to loose weight in the next 6 months as I am heading to the sunny California coast for the first time and I am determined to fit into a bikini for then… or at least at worst look semi decent in a swimming costume! So hopefully you can all join me on this journey. I will be sharing any tips I’ve learnt along the way on what I find works and what doesn’t.

It’s time to get out there, get motivated and start learning that we can love healthy foods!

Stay tuned for my new recipes and if anyone has any requests as to types of recipes they would like to see on this blog by all means please message me on any of my social media!

Happy 2017! 🙂